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In Kid's Cove, where Mangle spawns, she wants Toy Freddy to buy her an esoteric Sex Toy. Talk to Mangle in Kid's Cove. Destroy Beta Streamers until one of them drops a Sex Toy Voucher. Go to the Kid's Cove Balloon Boy and choose the special offer or insert the Sex Toy Voucher into the Vending Machine. Bring the Sex Toy to Mangle.

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Toy Freddy will devour Chica's hot bird ass and a portal will appear in Room 9. Mangle: Talk to Mangle's head in the Office Hall. Then go to the Arcade and examine the Mangle's Esoteric Quest cabinet on the top left. Say no when it asks if you want to play and Springtrap will dismantle the arcade cabinet and obtain the Esoteric Sex Toy.

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Toy Freddy Toy Bon nie Toy Chica Mangle BB JJ Withered Chica Withered Bon nie The Puppet Golden Freddy Springtrap Phantom Mangle ... Please buy me an esoteric sex toy

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Go into Kid’s Cove and speak to Mangle, who wants an esoteric sex toy. Go to an area with Streamer Betas [Office Hall, Party Rooms 3 and 4] and fight them until they drop a Sex Toy Voucher. It drops at a 1/10 chance, so it shouldn’t take too long.

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A page for describing Quotes: Five Nights at Fuckboy's. "You vile, disgusting piece of animatronic garbage. You're going to rue the day you even thought so much as to use my own devices against me.

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Esoteric Sex Toy found in the same room as the poster, just select no when asking to play Mangle's Esoteric Quest. • The Toy Freddy head found in the same room as Phantom Freddy. (Cam 01) Talk to all the Phantoms except Foxy after you acquire the items listed above. Get to at least level 7 before you head to one of the portals.

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Feel free to use these wonderful and creative insults whenever someone pisses you off. Again, full credit to the creators of FNAFB 1/2/3. "YOU SHAMELESS FUCKSHOWER" (BB to Freddy in the beginning of the Save Import Scenario) "YOU SHITHOUSE" (90's BB to 80's BB after 80's BB attempts to open Lord Michael's presents in the Save Import Scenario) "WHERE DO YOU WI...

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Boobie Chica. Mangle Langle. Famous Lines Such as. ... Please buy me a Esoteric Sex Toy. Freddy My Fucking Boobs are gone (This is a Collab between me and my Brother, ...

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Five Night's In F***ing Anime Bug fixes. Version: 0.1.1 over 6 years ago. just a few bugs have been fixed and i removed some sound files and gamejolt trophies. Download (143 MB) (I don't know why anyone would want to play this, but it exsits) Anime Freddy and Friends (Boobie Friends) In an Alternate Universe want to have a Night Of Debuachry ...

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Mangle was created by Dr. Weird. He used left over parts and built it. The owner of the pizzeria bought the robot. Of course, it was left on MURDER mode and it kills the security guards at the Pizzeria. However, it was actually Toy Bonnie who dismantled her after every shift. Behavior. Holy Shipt! Mangle was put there for that extra "Pizzazz".