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These Cleverly Disguised Vibrators Are Your Next Best Kept ...

5 Vibrators Cleverly Disguised: Your Best Kept Secret! 1. MIA 2. Spontaneity meets discretion with this little number. MIA 2 mimics that of a beautiful pot of lipstick. Store it in your make-up bag, in your handbag, your bedside table, and no one will bat an eyelid. What makes it even more conspicuous is the fact that the USB charger point is hidden. No cables, no fuss.

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The Screaming O My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm is a discreet mini vibrator cleverly disguised as one of the most common items that both men and women carry around. This single-speed, super-powered Vibrating Lip Balm features a soft tip that transfers vibration softly and strongly.

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No matter what your reason for wanting a discreet vibrator in disguise, Screaming O has 3 top-secret cosmetics that travel well and give you a natural glow only the best solo sex can provide. Slip the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm into your purse for satisfying O’s on-the-go.

Hidden Bliss! 7 Sex Toys Disguised As Everyday Objects ...

Sonic vibrator disguised as a Magic 8-Ball. Think sonic, like a sonic toothbrush or skin cleanser. The Revel Body Sol Sonic Vibrator has two sides, with each offering a different sensation.

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Vibrating Wand Massagers | Best Wand Sex Toys for Women ...

Cleverly disguised as back massagers, this type of vibrator sex toy has been around since the early 1900s. Wand massagers or vibrators plug directly into the wall, ensuring you never need to re-charge or replace batteries mid-play.

Sex Tips: 5 Vibrators That Look Like Everyday Objects | Shape

This elegant pendant pulls double duty as “the world’s first luxurious rechargeable vibrator necklace,” according to its maker, sex toy company Crave. Wear it to class up a work outfit; your coworkers won't have a clue. ($69; crave.com) Also, find out How a Vibrator Can Supercharge Your Sex Life.

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