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The less it reminds me of a penis, the better. I sometimes like vaginal stimulation. Dildos do that. I'm not interested in sticking anything that looks like a penis inside of me. I mean like as a straight woman, let's say, commonly ises one. I've never had any type of answer to this type question before so I used the word 'still'. Ask Lesbians ...

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Because lesbians still have vaginas that they want to have penetrated by something phallic because it feels good, it doesn't mean they're thinking about men as they use the dildo, or a penis, just the sensation. How a person can get penetrated by a dildo and at the same time think of a woman is beyond me.

Why do lesbians use dildos but dont like penis? - GirlsAskGuys

Because it still feels good to have things inside them. Guess what dude that whole isn't just there to be filled with your dick. Its apart of the female body that is responsive to stimulation. Besides most lesbians i know do NOT use dildos anyway. And guess what they don't have blonde hair massive fake tits and acrylic nails either.

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Top Ten Adult Sex Toys Of 2021: Product Do Lesbians Use Dildos testimonials for guys and women Eva Hands-Free Vibe. Key selling points: The brand’s first-ever product and the very popular sex toy to ever appear on Indiegogo, this tiny little vibrator fits on your clit so that it stays there throughout sexual intercourse.

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1. level 1. Wampasully. 6 years ago. The vagina is still built to feel pleasure in certain ways. Liking women usually won't change the fact of liking something in there. Also, saying "penis shaped dildo" is kind of pointless. A cylindrical cardboard tube can be considered penis like, same as fingers. 1.

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Answer (1 of 3): Um…because dildos are not men? Look, if you think anything that’s shaped like a phallus is basically a substitute man, what does that say about how you see men?

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Seriously, do lesbians use dildos Review this from beginning to end up. You’ll thank me later. If you don’t intend to review the entire post, here’s the fast answer: When it comes to the price, here’s the truth: Affordable sex dolls for much less than $1000 will be just a waste of money and unsatisfactory.

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You may also consider putting a condom on dildos and other penetrative toys before use — this can make it easier to clean, as well as offer a different sensation. Get tested regularly.

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6. Lesbians are kinkier and druggier. According to OkCupid data again, the attributes lesbians used to describe themselves most often were artsy, adventurous, kinky, and almost half said they were ...