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No other reason is required. They feel good. They help you get off. You and your partner get more pleasure with a sex toy — either because of the extra stimulation or because you’re willing to explore new sensations and sexual play. We call them “toys” for a reason, and playing with each other takes on a whole new meaning once your partner gets a new sex toy to try.

5 Reasons Why Buying Sex Toys Is No Longer a Taboo | NSNBC

2. People began realizing they can improve your sex life. img source: unsplash.com. For many years, people have thought of sex toys as instruments of the lonely, when in fact, a sex toy can brighten up your sex life by tenfold, even if you’re sharing your bed with your partner.

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People using sex toys report that they are much more satisfied with their sex life overall, as well as with the very orgasming act. It seems that these tools can actually increase your pleasure both when you are alone and when you are with a partner.

4 Reasons Why Sex Toys are a Must-Have for Every Woman

#1 – Sex Toys provide new and exciting sensations. To put it simply, one of the reasons a sex toy has value over a real penis (or similar) is because it is different. Different shapes. Different sizes (and trust me, they can get pretty huge). Different materials. And this all leads to one thing: Different pleasure sensations.

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Mutual masturbation is hot. Obviously straight up sex is the best, but mutual masturbation is up there. It’s so hot to get things started by watching each other touch yourselves. There’s one sex toy I saw that’s clear, so you can see him penetrating inside of it.

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Sex toys are designed scientifically to aid your sexual pleasures. It is not an easy task to stimulate your mind and body both at the same time and this is where your sex toy should come handy.

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There’s a reason so many sex toys are made of silicone. It’s not the cheapest material, but it’s durable, feels great to the touch, and it’s body safe. A lot of cheaper sex toys will be made of materials like TPE, which has some wonderful qualities.

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The lonely guy in the trench coat. When men come into the store, they often offer a reason for buying a sex toy: Their partner's away, they just had a divorce.

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It's totally normal to be curious about your body and your sexuality as a teen. Getting a sex toy can help you figure out what feels good to you and allows you to relieve your sexual urges. In most areas, it's not illegal for teens to buy sex toys—you don’t have to have reached legal adulthood or even your local age of consent to buy these items.

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In 2014 FHM conducted an online male sex toy debate of 5,000 men to find out their views about buying male sex toys and found: 51 per cent of the men own a sex toy with cock rings being the most ...