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Coloplast Peristeen Anal Plug - Lowest Price!

Coloplast Peristeen® Anal Plug. Only $12.95 ea. Delivered! Discounts for multiple purchases on the buy now page! Coloplast Peristeen** Foam Rectum Plug Fecal Incontinence Tampon 1 pc Large Size! ABDL Coloplast Peristeen® Anal Plug Size: Adult / Large (13mm/45mm x 26mm Long) Insertion Diameter: 13mm Expanded Diameter: 45mm Length: 26mm

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The anal plug is made of porous, slightly absorbent foam which is able to let air pass through it. It is packaged in a dissolvable film which dissolves on contact with the body fluids in the rectum to release a mushroom-shaped plug. Insertion and removal of the plug. The plug in its unexpanded form looks like a suppository.

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Here are some tips to help make insertion easy and enjoyable: Take a hot bath or start with some foreplay to help relax tense muscles. This will make insertion less jarring. Apply lots of lube around your anus and on the plug. Press the tip of the plug against your anus and then very gradually ...

Peristeen® Anal Plug - Coloplast

The anal plug is inserted just like a suppository. The foam has been compressed to a small size and coated with a water-soluble film. When the film is exposed to the warmth and moisture of the rectum, it dissolves – the plug then expands, conforming to the shape of the rectal cavity.

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Since the rectum can act like a vacuum and suck objects inside, a flared bottom, pull cord, or ring prevents a butt plug from getting lost inside you, Ortmann says. (Nobody wants to be the person...

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The bulb on this beginner plug makes it great for prostate play or more targeted anal play, as you’re able to maneuver it around easier. There’s a wide, T-bar base as well, for optimal grip ...